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Include more than 8 Variants in a Canvas

Active Member

How to include more than 8 Variants in a Canvas. Or Can we include a Canvas in another Canvas?



Hi @nanda 

Apologies, I totally missed this question. It would be great to know what your use case is for more than 8 variants?

A couple of things that might help without knowing full context:
1. You can send users down a variant, that could then enter them into a different canvas. If you have 8 variants, they could potentially trigger 8 more canvases with 8 variants each, now you have the initial 8 variants plus 64 more. If my maths is correct they could trigger 64 more canvases with 8 variants and give you 512 variants... honestly I'd love to see this 🤣

2. From memory I'm pretty sure you can add 8 audiences to an audience filter. I'm not sure how many filters you can have in one canvas but let's say you add one audience filter to each of the 8 variants, you can now split these into 64 audiences in one canvas. You could also do similar with action paths.

Hope this helps and be sure to let us know the use case and we can keep figuring this out with you 😊


You can't have more than 8 variants, however I occasionally something similar to what @DavidO suggested and use an audience split that connects to a simple decision split component.

The reason I have so many variants is the occasional campaign which has 9-10 segments that each have their own creative and that I want to report on engagement within Braze rather beyond just using liquid logic.