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REGEX - best use cases

Practitioner III

I've been using Regex for locating emails (particularly invalid ones) 

but any other more advanced uses that you might have for Regex? 

would love to hear / read about them. 


Practitioner II

Maybe not "advanced" but I used regex a lot to build target audiences based on attributes using strings.

We had custom attributes like `favorite_location` stored like:`San Francisco, CA, Dalas, Tx, Texas, Carthage, NY`
Building the audience, I could copy and paste a list: `San Francisco|Palo Alto|Oakland` so that I didn't need to select hundreds. Or just to target everyone in California, I'd set regex = `,\sCA`. 


There's a whole world of regex code out there that I'd love to get better at. I do think that there are potentially some really cool segmenting opportunities given the regex filter, BUT, I also don't think we're missing out on too much by not being a regex expert. Or if regex is truly necessary for specific segmenting, there may also be room for improvement in how the data is being ingested.