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How do I tell what cluster I'm in?

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When there is degraded performance, it usually states the cluster that is affected. How do I tell what cluster I'm in so that I know if I'm affected?



Hi @gloddy 👋

Really good question. Imagine a few people are thinking the same.

Not sure if there is Braze dev in this forum but from reading about Braze's architecture in the recent outage report and what is pretty normal for most tech stacks, if a Braze cluster is impacted, you would be routed through a fully functional cluster until the other is repaired. Normally you wouldn't just be stuck in a cluster but the architecture would route you through the most functional path at the time.

So if you are cluster 5 and it has issues, you might route through 7, or some architecture will route you through multiple as a fail-safe. 

The breakdown of the Braze architecture and why they had some cluster issues recently is here but it is very rare:
The April 29 Braze Outage: What Happened, Why It Occurred,… | Braze

Be keen to hear if others know more about this.🙂

Hey David! 

That's an interesting idea that you bring up: routing through a different cluster if the normal cluster has issues. From my knowledge, I don't believe that's the case for Braze. You stay within the cluster that your dashboard is assigned which you can find in your URL. 

However, if there is any sort of re-routing that happens in the backend... I'd love to know, Braze!

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Hello @gloddy 

I believe It is mentioned in the URL we use to login.
For eg. for me the login URL is which means I am on EU02 Cluster.

This is correct 🙂