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3 months ago

Multiple profiles with the same email address

Can anyone clarify when email addresses get de-duped?

I have an Abandoned Cart canvas that is triggered off a change in custom attribute. Multiple profiles with the same email address are receiving our messages, and I want to make sure that an email address is only eligible to receive the messages once. How can I do this? There seems to be no filtering based off "messages sent to an email" -- instead Braze does the segmentation based off user IDs/individual profiles.

Anyone else run into this before, and if so how did you solve for it? Thank you!!  

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  • Hello sabrinaavila10 

    What is the logic to update the customer attribute of a profile? Are you using email as an identifier to update the profile? If yes, then you will have to change it to something else which is unique to a profile something like external_id

  • I'm curious whether the "change in custom attribute" affects every single profile with the same email address. If that is the case, which it sounds like that's the case as you mentioned "multiple profiles with the same email address are receiving our messages", I'm curious if there's a way to tackle that issue first. 

    Ideally, you don't have multiple profiles with the same email address, but if that's too difficult to solve, then we can at least take a look at how the multiple profiles are receiving the same emails.

    FYI: only emails in the same BATCH are deduped. That means triggered emails will not be deduped. However, that's usually not a problem because it's rare that multiple profiles, even if they share the same email address, are triggering the same campaigns at the same time.