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2 years ago

IAM: How Best to Test Message Timing (on Session Start)

Hi all,

I'm looking to test what time is best to send an in-app message to unidentified users to urge them to create an account. I want to send on session start for either 3rd session, 5th session, or 10th session.

What is the best way within Braze to do this? I'm struggling in Canvas to set the time delay to be based on session starts and not calendar days and I'm worried with campaigns on how to ensure there's equal entry into the three possible variants and one control. Thank you!

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    Hi Theresa,
    In order to ensure that your audience is equally divided you can use a "Random Bucket #" filter.
    For example, you can do this in the following manner:

    • Bucket numbers 0 to 2499 correspond to the control segment
    • Bucket numbers 2500 to 4999 correspond to the segment that will receive variant 1 (3rd session)
    • Bucket numbers 5000 to 7499 correspond to the segment that will receive variant 2 (5th session)
    • Bucket numbers 7500 to 9999 correspond to the segment that will receive variant 3 (10th session).

    You can use it in campaigns with Target Audiences or with Canvas components such as a Decision Step or Audience Path.

    As for the Xth session triggering, you can achieve this by a combination of the "Random Bucket"  and  "Session Count exactly 3/5/10" conditions on a Session Start triggered IAM campaigns.
    Also, these campaigns could potentially trigger a follow-up canvas by interaction (view) with them if needed.