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What is Braze? [Braze-mas 2023, Day 1]


Happy December everyone! Excited to launch the Braze-mas 2023 series with this first video!

When someone asks you “What is Braze?“, how do you answer this question?

For the next 25 days including today, December 1st, we will be posting 1 Braze Youtube video, every single day.

I’m super excited to share my Braze experience with you all, starting with:

What is Braze? What are all these acronyms, ESP, MAP, and CRM?

Do you know the 7 different channels + the bonus channel that Braze offers?

Braze-mas 2023, Day 3] Pop Quiz: What's the correct data field for email address in Braze? A. email_address B. Email C. email D. Email Address E. All of the above Btw, a special guest joined us for Day 3 of Braze-mas 2023! And please excuse my voice as I'm recovering from a sickness 🤧 Your ...