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Let's hear more about how you collaborate cross-functionally at Rappi

Community Manager

@Nacho_Fiore , what does collaboration look like in your company? How often do you sync with other teams–specifically those who manage data? 


Practitioner II

At Rappi, teams sync up in weekly meetings to keep things running smoothly. Working with the commercial teams feels like being part of a tight-knit crew, all focused on scoring great deals for our product, every time.

In terms of data management with Braze, multiple teams are involved, typically convening on a weekly basis. While we have progressed to a more advanced stage in leveraging the tool, initial phases involved more frequent meetings with shared backlogs to maximize its potential (every 2 days)

It is important to note that in the various tracks emerging within CRM teams, teams are always formed with representatives from Product, Data, Commercial, and Branding (sometimes even more teams participate). In each of these meetings, new ideas on how to use Braze to achieve objectives are always reviewed and emerge.