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Ask Me Anything is home of all AMA sessions. AMA's are text-based events hosted by members of the Braze team, customer engagement enthusiasts, and Braze SME's. To participate in an AMA, join in by asking a question during the allotted event time and our hosts will thread a response to your post.
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InApp surveys

I work with an ecommerce (fast food company), and we want to set up a survey that appears to the user in the app 2 hours after they place their order. The survey consists of a single question to rate their order from 1-5, and depending on the rating,...

Braze content card not visible via canvas

We are trying to send an SMS with the URL of a webpage containing Content Cards. But when we access the page with incorporated content cards, it's empty and we are not receiving any information regarding the Content Cards or the attributes attached t...