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5 months ago

Canvas Seed lists - Where to create them?

Dear Bonfire community,

I've been trying to add a seed list to a canvas program. So far, the only resource I found is the link below  

I tried to set the seed list via the Target Users and Send Setting tabs but had no luck. I wonder if someone from the community could provide some light or point me in a direction to solve this.

Best, Wolmar



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    Hi Wolmar! There could be a few reasons why you're unable to set the seed list via the Target Users and Send Setting tabs:

    1. The Seed Group is not properly tagged: Ensure that you've correctly tagged your Internal Group as a Seed Group in the administrative settings under the Internal Groups tab.

    2. The Seed Group is not selected: Make sure you've selected your Seed Group in the Target Users step of the campaign composer or in the Send Settings step of a Canvas.

    3. The campaign is multivariate with a 0% send percentage: If your campaign is multivariate and your variant has a 0% send percentage, it will not be sent to seed groups.

    4. The variant has already been sent and not updated to resend: If the variant has already been sent and has not been updated to resend in Edit Seed Groups on the Target step, it will not send again by default.

    Hopefully it's one of those things and you're able to add your seed list to your Canvas, but if you've checked all of these and are still having issues, it might be a technical problem and you should reach out to Braze support for further assistance.