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Active Member II
US-NY (Hybrid)
As a Global CRM Specialist, you embody a multifaceted approach to digital marketing and interpersonal finesse, thriving in dynamic environments where innovation and execution converge seamlessly. Here's what defines you:
  • Digital Marketing & Execution: You are the go-to expert for digital marketing strategies, adeptly crafting tailored programs across diverse channels. Your commitment to continuous learning ensures your strategies remain cutting-edge, while your flawless execution and meticulous attention to detail drive maximum results.
  • Analytical & Project Management: With a data-driven mindset and exceptional project management skills, you optimize strategies and deliver projects on time and within scope, even with limited information. Your organizational prowess enables you to manage multiple projects simultaneously while adhering to best practices.
  • Experimentation & Creative Vision: Embracing experimentation and proactive documentation of insights, you drive innovation by challenging the status quo with fresh ideas. Your creative vision pushes boundaries, testing new messaging and strategies to deliver impactful results while fostering collaboration and alignment across teams.
  • Communication, Collaboration, & Autonomy: Excelling in conveying messages effectively and fostering collaboration at all levels, you build trust effortlessly and support stakeholders, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality work. With adept prioritization skills, you autonomously meet deadlines, drive results, and seek avenues for value addition.
  • Problem-Solving & Continuous Improvement: Your strength lies in identifying and solving problems, driving continuous improvement through collaboration and data-driven insights. Guided by informed decision-making, you prioritize effectively to achieve overarching goals, pushing boundaries and delivering impactful results.

We recognize that individuals approach job applications differently. We strongly encourage all aspiring applicants to go for it, even if they don't match the job description 100%. We welcome your application and will be delighted to explore if you could be a great fit for our team. For this role, please keep in mind that prior experience with end-user marketing initiatives and proficiency in using Braze are essential requirements.

To read more about this opportunity and apply, please visit this page.

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