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Hi! I'm Natalie

Active Member

🗺 Where I'm from +🏠Where I live now: Just outside London 

💼What I do now: All things CRM 

😍A brand I admire: I've really been impressed with the marketing turnaround of Costa Coffee - I assume a lot of it has come from its new owners(?). The app refresh, the change up of the beans programme and the menu are all good. But what's really impressed me is the app gamification and comms supporting this. 

🌎Favorite trip I've ever taken: I love to travel, especially solo. But I think the trip I look back on most fondly was to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios with my sisters. We hadn't done a trip together for a few years and we got to indulge in our childhood love of HP without any kids, partners or grandparents to appease!


Community Manager

Welcome @Natalie_L ! 😃