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Hi! I'm Joseph

Practitioner II

Great to meet you! I've been in Lifecycle Marketing for about 9 years, mostly on the strategy side. My last role was at a startup where I was hands on in Braze. I'm happy to help out where I can, I LOVE trying cool things in Braze! 

🗺 Where I'm from +🏠Where I live now: Pleasanton, California. I live in the San francisco Bay area, about 40 minutes east of San Francisco.

💼What I do now: Lifecycle Marketing, Growth, etc. I build strategies that increase user retention and lifetime value. 

😍A brand I admire: I've recently been using Ebay (trying to find cheaper toys), and have come to admire*  their notifications and the various types of communications they send. The infrastructure and datapoints they've set up to facilitate all of their notifications must be impressive.

🌎Favorite trip I've ever taken: O'ahu Hawaii. Amazing food, so many great restaurants and cuisines. I really enjoy swimming and hiking... really just the perfect place. We went last year with my in laws when our son turned one, so it was also a very memorable trip getting to spend time together. 


Community Manager

Welcome to Bonfire, Joseph! My best friend is from Pleasanton so I've been so lucky to spend some lovely time out there. ☀️

Community Manager

Welcome @Joseph_C!

Community Manager

East Bay is the best bay 😄 I'm nearby, just over the hill from you. Welcome to Bonfire, @Joseph_C!