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Tell us more about the channels Rappi uses

Community Manager

What channels are you using to drive stronger customer engagement?


Practitioner II

At Rappi, we utilize all available channels to achieve our objectives. When planning a new customer engagement campaign, after determining the goal, we proceed to decide which channels to utilize for this purpose. In the vast majority of cases, we never rely on a single channel alone to achieve the objective.

Within in-product channels, Rappi heavily leverages in-app messages and banners. Additionally, we have native widgets within the app that are also utilized when necessary. Using action-based iAM has consistently delivered better results for us compared to journey-based approaches. This is because we can precisely select the moment when we want to capture the user's attention.

On the external channels, Rappi has a structured email campaign tailored for each audience segment, often complemented with SMS or WhatsApp messages in cases where we want to ensure a higher probability of conversion.

Lastly, in certain scenarios, we enhance these campaigns with strategies in Paid Media to reach a larger audience.