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Let's discuss using data to drive deeper customer relationships

Community Manager

@Nacho_Fiore , how are you using data to drive deeper customer relationships and how are you overcoming obstacles in achieving data agility?


Practitioner II

With the assistance of the Data Science team, various Machine Learning models were created with the aim of capturing users' most recent activity and leveraging that information for segmentation purposes to understand when incentives should be offered to each user and when they should not. Additionally, it provides insight into users' areas of interest, which we leverage to match deals tailored to each profile. Subsequently, AI comes into play to generate unique messages based on this information for each user.

Regarding user sentiment, Rappi focuses on providing special treatment to users who have had a negative purchasing experience. While the focus is on providing a prompt response to users, we acknowledge that this hasn't always been the case. Therefore, we have initiated campaigns aimed at reacquiring users who previously had a poor experience, providing content demonstrating the changes Rappi has made, and inviting them to give it another try.