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Braze expert needed to oversee and manage our many lifecycle marketing automations for 4 months (~10hrs/week).

Duties include monitoring & troubleshooting/debugging any issues that arise with existing automated communications & potentially building & launching some new canvases. I will provide documentation, go over our existing flows and do a proper handoff to prepare you for the remaining weeks of solo work. You will have access to slack and email so as to coordinate with other cross-functional team members as needed.

Technical skill set should include:
- Experience building & launching action-based canvases in Braze
- Using Postman to test and perform QA of personalized liquid-heavy templates
- Solid experience leveraging liquid, connected content, content blocks, etc., to personalize messages
- Experience leveraging data visualization tools (we use Looker) to monitor engagement metrics is a plus
- Experience querying data warehouses & having worked with data segmentation tools (Hightouch & Segment) is a plus
Comment with any contact info if interested!

Hey Laura,

Be happy to chat and hear more about the expectations for the project.   Very strong knowledge with Liquid, Braze APIs, Postman, Segment and HighTouch and over 8+ years on Braze.




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Hi Laura,

I'm interesting in hearing more, please.

I'm immediately available and have many years of technical experience with Braze.

Contact me on LinkedIn or email if you think my profile is a good fit.


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Hi Laura,

I'm interested in your Braze project. Omtera specializes in data-driven CRM and growth strategies, backed by a team of CRM experts with strong engineering backgrounds. Our experience includes partnerships with Segment and Hightouch, aligning well with your technical needs.

For further discussion on how we can assist with your lifecycle marketing automations, feel free to contact us.



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Hi @lauramilitello I would love to connect and hear more if the opportunity is still open! 


Please feel free to email me:

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