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Top Automated Campaigns for ecommerce online retailer?

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We just joined on Braze and its our first mobile app after 25 years of being online only... Which automated campaign flows would you recommend that we start with as the highest priority flows?

This is what we have so far:
Abandon Cart
 Price Drop – Based on products browsed
 Low Stock
 Back In Stock
 Replenishment Campaign
 Transactional Campaigns – Order Confirmed, Order Shipped, Ordered Delivered



Hey @JacobSternberg 👋

Welcome to Braze and the Bonfire. I imagine you will get a few different opinions on this but my personal opinion is you first need transactional emails to keep users who are already purchasing notified and feeling comfortable with the process from payment to shipping to the product arriving. 

Following this, I've seen a lot of great returns on Abandoned Cart emails in two businesses I've implemented them in.

Exciting time for you and your business. Ask as many questions as you need. 😊

Thanks David for the feedback! Would love to hear more about what you did specifically with Abandon Cart? Was it something unique or specialized to your business?


Hi Jacob, 

Congratulations on expanding to a mobile app! That's a great list to start with. 

I'd also add some kind of a churn prevention/reactivation workflow for inactive users/shoppers to stay top of mind. Also, if you're running a brand-new mobile app, it might be a good idea to ask for a product/service review after the delivery is completed. This way you can quickly get some UGC to improve the app rankings. Even better if all these workflows carry some incentive.

You can check out Voucherify for that:

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Hi Jacob 👋

Welcome to the Bonfire!

It seems that you have most of the basics covered already. You should consider Abandon Browse as it seems you have browsing data already. On the transactional side, make sure you automate Cancelation and Adjustment (if any).