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How to use selections in webhook

Active Member

Hello, everyone.

Could you tell me how to use selections in webhook if you know that?

I want to assign the return value of a selection to a variable.

I have listed the following LIQUID, but it does not work.

{% assign tmp = {% catalog_selection_master_for_attribute %}{{ items[0].product }}%}



Practitioner III

@ueda_1220 I have not tried it

Try if this works for you
{% catalog_selection_master_for_attribute %}

{% assign tmp = items[0].product  %}

Thank you for your answering.
But I'm afraid your code didn't work well..
I further tried modifying the liquid as follows, but it did not work.

{% catalog_selection_master_for_attribute %}

{% assign tmp = {{items[0].product}}  %}

Practitioner II

Hey @ueda_1220, the code structure @Manoj__ shared looks correct. I think what you're missing is the Selection part after the catalog name - I set up a dummy one below (see bold):

{% catalog_selection_items IP_Test Selection1 %}
{% assign tmp = items[0].item1 %}
{{tmp}} --> returns expected value
When you're adding Personalization you can choose Selection from the drop-down: