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Introduction - former Braze COM turned marketer

Active Member

Hey all! I'm Naomi, a former Braze COM out of the London office. It took me ages to finally arrive from the Bonfire Slack community but I'm so glad to be here! 

🗺 Where I'm from: Vancouver, BC

🏠 Where I live now: Vancouver, BC

💼 What I do now: I'm a marketer at Parcel — an email coding platform. I categorize myself as a lifetime Lifecycle Marketer. I also do a handful of Braze consulting work, focused on setting up foundations and ESP migrations. 

😍 A brand I admire: I base my brand admiration on great emails. My front runners are currently SuperHi, and Formula Fig.

🌎 Favorite trip I've ever taken: I traveled to Lecce, Italy this summer and LOVED it!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to Bonfire, @naomiwest!  Curious - what stands out for you on the emails for SuperHi and Formula Fig?