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Helo, Hi and Hej, I'm Dany!

Practitioner III

Helo, Hi and Hej 👋🏻, I’m Dany. Senior CRM Manager over at Diet Doctor helping people lead healthy lives and fighting diabetes one Braze communication at a time.

🗺 Where I'm from: The West Coast of Wales.

🏠 Where I live now: The Capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm.

💼 What I do now: I'm the Senior CRM Manager over at Diet Doctor.

😍 Brands I admire: Patagonia, TOMS, Warby Parker, The Body Shop, Ben & Jerries, Seventh Generation.

🌎 Favorite trip I've ever taken: For our honeymoon we travelled all the way from Las Vegas (where we wed) to Tulum, Mexico overland and by boat. That was an amazing trip and one we hope to redo and this time with our children.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome, Dany!! 👋

Thanks, really loving this new Bonfire btw!