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Community Manager
Community Manager

Whether you’ve been a part of Bonfire since launch in 2019 or you’re just joining us, we’re so glad you’re here. Braze Bonfire is now a one-stop shop of customer engagement resources - strategies, best practices, feedback, and professional opportunities. 

Below are a few resources to check out to help you better navigate the Braze Bonfire community. 

Getting Started

1. Introduce Yourself - We want to get to know you. 

Head over to the Connection Lounge  and introduce yourself. Complete the below and help us get to know you better. Learn more about how you can intro yourself from our Welcome to the Connection Lounge post. 

2. Start a discussion or ask a question in The Forum.

The Forum is the place to ask and answer all of those questions and discussions about customer engagement strategy, executing campaigns in Braze, and technical solutions for using Braze.

3. Share a campaign you’ve worked on or been inspired by in Campaigns That Made You Look

We know you build incredible customer engagement campaigns on the regular. Share something you’ve built in Braze with the community in Campaigns That Made You Look. Whether it’s a screenshot of a push notification you got, an email campaign you built, a creative SMS your team worked on, you name it - we want to see it. Friendly reminder that you should never share sensitive or confidential information. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. 

4. Looking to hire talent or to expand your team - let us know about it in The Job Board

Great talent is critical to executing great customer engagement strategies. If you have an opening on your team or simply want to search open opportunities, post about it in the Job Board. You’ll be prompted to provide a location, description, and salary range for the job you’re posting about. None of those are required but are suggested as a way to help both those seeking new opportunities as well as those filling positions to quickly understand where and what the opportunity is. 

Helpful documents to review as you get started: 

  1. Community Guidelines  
  2. Terms of Use 
  3. Guide to Ranks
  4. FAQs 
  5. Privacy Policy 

Why “bonfire,” you ask? To us, a bonfire is an invitation to gather together and share our stories. It serves as an informal yet intentional setting where we can learn, share, and grow together. The more people who contribute to a bonfire, the greater and the brighter it burns… so be sure to contribute and get involved! 🔥