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Braze Bonfire is your one-stop-shop for all things customer engagement. There are a variety of ways to connect with your peers and share your insights with the broader Braze community. You might reply to thread, kudos a post, accept a solution, or start a conversation of your own.

All of these actions (and more!) are ways to level up your rank in Braze Bonfire.

What are ranks?

Ranks are a gamified element of Braze Bonfire. They reflect the sum of your activities within the community. The more you engage, the higher your rank. They’re a great way to identify Braze Bonfire power users, spot new members in the community, and find a Braze Employee or Community Manager, too.

Is there a list of ranks?

The Braze Bonfire ranks follow your path up the customer engagement ladder. As you engage and remain an active member of the community, your rank reflects a deeper level of experience or strategy. Our current highest rank is Authority III. Seems pretty powerful, right? We’ll continue to release new ranks as the community grows and matures. But for now, here are the steps in your journey to becoming a Braze Bonfire Authority. 


How do I level up my rank?

We won’t give you the exact formulas for racing to the top, but in general, your rank is determined by how much you’re engaging across the community (kudos, replies, posts) and the age of your user profile (days since registration). From there, you’ll just have to experiment and see what happens 😉

How do I see my rank?

You’ll be able to see your rank, and the rank of any other community member, in a few different places. First, you can navigate to your member profile by clicking your user avatar in the top right corner of Braze Bonfire and then clicking “My Profile.” You’ll see your rank directly below your user name. For example, our aptly named “CommunityLuvr” has a rank of Active Member II.

Bonfire_Ranks_Inline-2.pngYou can also see your rank in any post or comment you submit, as well as the rank of anybody else replying or posting, too! For example, you can see that this article was posted by one of our Community Managers.


We hope you enjoy this new, gamified element of Braze Bonfire! Good luck on your ranking journey.