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Braze content card not visible via canvas

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We are trying to send an SMS with the URL of a webpage containing Content Cards. But when we access the page with incorporated content cards, it's empty and we are not receiving any information regarding the Content Cards or the attributes attached to them.  When we check the Content Card in the Canvas dashboard, we are getting the information and we can confirm that the attributes are matched correctly. But when we try to access this card on the webpage, no content card is available there. 



Hi @sam_pahadi 

This question would be best moved to the main forum 'The Forum' as more people are likely to see it there.

My initial thoughts, All content cards are delivered on session start for a user. I'm wondering if when a user clicks the URL in the SMS, the page they are going to does not tell Braze a session has started so it does not know to deliver any content cards that should be available. It will only deliver new content cards on the next session start as well, so, if for some reason Braze thinks a user is already in a session when they arrive at the webpage, it won't deliver the content cards until they start next session.

Happy to troubleshoot in the main forum. 😊

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Thanks @DavidO , posted to the main forum

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Community Manager

Hey @sam_pahadi! Friendly reminder that any questions about Braze product/features should be posted in The Forum. This AMA board is only for our AMA sessions. I see you've also posted this in the Forum so hopefully you'll get some answers there.