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Ask Me Anything is home of all AMA sessions. AMA's are text-based events hosted by members of the Braze team, customer engagement enthusiasts, and Braze SME's. To participate in an AMA, join in by asking a question during the allotted event time and our hosts will thread a response to your post.
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Thank you to our hosts - BIG AMA!

Huge thank you to @ishan_sharma and @dana_newman for hosting today's Ask Me Anything! The Braze Inspiration Guide has 52+ use cases for you to use for inspiration in setting up campaigns and optimizing your customer engagement strategy so be sure to ...

Monetization Campaigns question for BIG AMA

One of the use cases in the Monetization Campaigns of the BIG covers Discount & Sale campaigns. Can you share some examples of successful Discount & Sale campaigns you’ve seen run by customers you work with?

Welcome to the Braze Inspiration Guide AMA!

Hi all! Super excited to have @ishan_sharma and @dana_newman here to host our Braze Inspiration Guide! Let's kick it off with the first question... Can you tell us a little bit more about the activate, monetize, retain framework that is covered in th...