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We’ve entered a new era of customer engagement. The rise of new channels and rapidly shifting consumer expectations have unlocked new engagement possibilities for brands. These expanded opportunities are empowering marketers to think more creatively about the experiences they serve up, while also making it possible to build stronger relationships with their customers.

To help brands stay ahead of the curve, we’ve put together a collection of 50+ inspirational use cases that can be customized to your needs. 

Download our refreshed Braze Inspiration Guide to explore new engagement possibilities for your brand. Campaign inspiration spans channels and includes use cases like:

Free Trial Campaigns
Referral Campaigns
Upsell Campaigns
Price Drop Campaigns
Continue-Your-Streak Campaigns
And more! 

Keep this guide handy during your next brainstorming session or take it out when it’s time to bring an existing campaign to the next level. 

Don't miss the opportunity to ask all things Braze Inspiration Guide during our next AMA on Tuesday, September 12 at 1pm ET in The Forum. You'll have the opportunity to ask specific questions to two of the Braze team members that helped create the refreshed Braze Inspiration Guide