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To help marketers engage their customers at all the right moments, Braze is introducing a collection of features designed to enhance the scalability, security, and experience of our platform. These features enable:

Sophistication at a global scale, for any and every moment:
As one example, our new Multi-Language Composition feature simplifies workflows for building customer journeys and brand equity across regions. This feature enhances our platform's ability to deliver personalized, culturally relevant messages across diverse regions at scale. 

Secure, privacy-first capabilities: 
New features we’re launching include Roles, which introduces a simplified and de-risked permissions structure to enhance security controls for admins setting up Braze users. Just-in-time Provisioning streamlines the setup for new team members and enhances security by ensuring timely access control and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. PII Custom Attributes enhance data privacy and governance controls by preventing unauthorized access to your brand’s customized sensitive information. Data Deletion preferences boost data protection and privacy by anonymizing personally identifiable information (PII) in customer events and messages based on end-user consent. Additionally, CDI Segments reduce risk without sacrificing personalization by securely using a zero-copy data approach to pull directly from your data warehouse to target specific demographics. This feature enhances data warehouse access for marketers, enabling them to swiftly construct detailed audience segments while minimizing overhead and operational costs.

Confident User Experience:
Our newest feature to help marketers achieve this is Preview User Paths, which enable marketers to more meticulously test complex multi-stage journeys before running them, allowing for adjustments and team input at every step.

As marketers navigate the complexities of global engagement, confidence remains cornerstones of effective customer relationships. Braze continuously strengthens customer trust by providing tools designed to ensure that every interaction is secure and personal—because when confidence scales, so does your impact.

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