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Last question for David in our February 2024 AMA

Community Manager
Community Manager

How did you end up in a career in marketing?



I started my career as a life scientist working in drug research for the elderly but I have always been a teacher of sorts who likes to help others understand complex topics. So, I began creating content around science. Along the way, I became the Scientific Education Manager at a probiotics company, which is essentially marketing based on science. This led to a role in Customer Experience at a DNA company, and ultimately from my love of content, video and tech, I was blessed with a role at Microsoft, marketing a video editing platform. I’m a huge believer that being a generalist is great and that you should never ignore new opportunities, as you will never know where they may take you. I have no formal experience in marketing, but the skills I have learnt along my journey have helped me be an asset wherever I go. Oh, and always be kind and willing to help others. No matter where you are.