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Is email embedding vids on the ClipChamp roadmap?

Active Member

Love the tool and wonder if there's any use case in-product or out-of-product channels beyond social.



Hey @r1chthomas. The long-term roadmap for Clipchamp is to ensure it is 100% integrated across the entire Microsoft M365 suite. So, to use Clipchamp in an email you wouldn't have to leave Outlook, if you want to use it in PowerPoint, you wouldn't have to leave PowerPoint and so on. You would just edit in the app you are in. We're making steady progress towards it. Great question!

Ahh! So refreshing to hear and looking forward to the feature roll out. Last question: What current Braze channels does the team use ClipChamp edited content?  

Currently, we use email, in-app messages and content cards. Email is a key lever for us as we have a large number of users who make a video once a year for a family event, and we need to drive them back, or at least remind them we exist. We aren't sharing videos through Braze at this point if that is also what you are asking.