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2 months ago

Webinar Recording: Customer Roundtable: SQL Tools in Braze

Hi everyone! Braze Learning recently hosted a customer roundtable on SQL Tools in Braze (Query Builder and SQL Segment Extensions) with Braze Product Manager Guransh Singh and Braze customer Qliro.

We explored:

  • Overview - What are Query Builder and Segment Extensions? Why use these tools?
  • Live Product Demo - What data we make accessible for querying, how it's stored in Braze, and how to get started with these tools in Braze
  • Use cases and examples from real Braze customers - Braze customer Qliro joined us to share more about their implementation of SQL Segment Extensions
  • Q&A 

If you didn't see it live, you can check it out at this link!

Want more webinars? Our next webinar will be hosted with our 427 Innovation Lab - we'll be covering exciting new AI use cases in Braze from their Melting Points AI Guide - sign up here to join us on July 2nd or receive the recording!

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