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Braze Bonfire Community Guidelines

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2 months ago

Welcome to Braze Bonfire! We’re really glad you’re here. 😊

Whether you're a seasoned Braze end-user or just someone passionate about customer engagement, this is the place for you. Here, you're not just advancing your skills; you're making lasting connections with peers and growing into the stellar practitioner you aspire to be. Just a quick note: by participating here, you agree to our community guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Let’s go!


Be a kind human. 🌟

  • Respect and connections: Our community thrives on connection, sharing, and mutual respect. Applaud each other's achievements, respond thoughtfully to questions, and respect boundaries.
  • Strengthen the community: Make connections and share knowledge in ways that empower and uplift our community.
  • Positive contributions: Channel your energy and expertise into positive, productive contributions that help everyone thrive.
  • Clear communication: Avoid irony and sarcasm—they can be easily misinterpreted online.

Be relevant and helpful. 🛠

  • Ask and learn: The more questions and concerns we share, the more we all learn and grow.
  • Stay on topic: Keep your comments constructive and relevant to the discussion at hand.
  • Embrace feedback: Be open to receiving feedback and ensure your feedback is constructive, not destructive.
  • Timely responses: Respond promptly when questions are directed at you.

Show your creativity, build your rep, and be yourself. 😎

  • Interact and shine: Build your reputation by actively interacting with others. Post about what you're passionate about!
  • Be authentic: Be yourself and let your unique personality shine through—because you’re awesome!
  • Profile building: Share your photo, company details, bio, skills, and expertise. Make sure your profile privacy settings reflect what you want others to see. And yes, keep those photos business-appropriate.

This is user-generated content. 📚

  • Use good judgment: You'll find lots of good advice here, but remember, your situation might differ. Apply the same judgment you’d use anywhere on the internet.
  • Compliance matters: Topics like GDPR and HIPAA may come up, but remember, what's shared here isn't official legal counsel.

 Avoid spammy behavior. 🚫

  • Stay on topic: Once you create a thread on a specific issue, avoid creating multiple threads on the same subject.
  • Start public, DM second: We want everyone to feel safe here. Please don’t send unsolicited private messages. Comment first, and ask if they're open to a private chat. If you see your Braze CSM around, don't PM them—submit a support ticket or send an email instead.
  • Share, don’t sell: Build a reputation that can pay off indirectly, but directly selling services is a no-go. Share your knowledge, not your sales pitch.
  • Add value, not promotion: Focus on adding value rather than self-promotion. Spam has no place here.

Protect privacy: yours, and everyone else’s, too. 🔒

  • Respect confidentiality: Don’t share confidential information about your business. Be mindful of personal data, like customer information in screenshots.
  • Approved sharing: Only share information that your organization has approved for public consumption.

 Harassment is prohibited. 🚫

  • Inclusion and respect: Braze is dedicated to a community that’s inclusive, respectful, and productive for everyone, regardless of gender, identity, age, orientation, status, ability, appearance, race, ethnicity, marital status, creed, or military service. Harassment of any kind is absolutely not tolerated.

 Flagging inappropriate content for review. 🚩

  • See something? Flag that something: If you spot anything that violates our guidelines or Community Terms of Use, flag it. Choose "Report Inappropriate Content" from the message’s Options menu in the top left-hand corner, and tell us why you think it’s inappropriate.
  • Consequences: Violating these guidelines may lead to corrective action. It could be a gentle warning or a permanent ban for repeat offenders. Posts, comments, or responses that don’t push the conversation forward in a positive way will be removed.

Wondering who's a Bonfire member, a Braze employee and who’s not? It’s easy! Bonfire members will have a rank next to their name like “New member” or “Strategist”. Braze folks will have an employee badge next to their name, and our dedicated community team members proudly carry the title "Community Manager."

You can always message a Community Manager with any issues you find or reach out to

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