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We launched an in-app message campaign for coupon-based promotion

Background: With the launch of a new set of sporty attire, we aimed to garner interest and drive sales by offering a discount strategy. Embracing a vintage and sporty ambiance, we focused on promoting the entire set rather than individual products.

We used IAM Studio which is an in-app message solution providing the template for purpose and converting template to custom code(HTML)

Approach: Targeting users within the app, we executed an in-app messaging campaign. It progressed from product browsing to coupon acquisition and finally to product purchase. To kickstart the journey, we recruited potential customers likely to purchase by prompting them to "Get a coupon."

  1. Form: Modal(placing at bottom)
    Opting for a bottom sheet format instead of a conventional central modal minimized screen obstruction, ensuring users could always exploration of products within the app. A relevant contextual message allows the user to stay focused and continue thier journey.
  2. Image: Utilizing images for product promotion visually captured user attention and sparked curiosity about the product.
  3. Title and Content: Communicated the benefits of receiving a coupon to users.
  4. Button: Encouraged users to take action in receiving the coupon. We applied a button that is properly emphasized while harmonizing with the image

We obtained a custom HTML template using IAM Studio, tailored to our specific requirements. IAM Studio facilitates seamless integration into Braze, enabling us to successfully execute the campaign.

IAM Studio in Product hunt

Outcome: Through this campaign, we doubled the Click-Through Rate on the Call-to-Action button and significantly increased page views.


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