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Ask Me Anything is home of all AMA sessions. AMA's are text-based events hosted by members of the Braze team, customer engagement enthusiasts, and Braze SME's. To participate in an AMA, join in by asking a question during the allotted event time and our hosts will thread a response to your post.
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Thank you to our hosts Guenda & Dylan!

Huge thank you to @Guendalina and @dylancarpe for taking time to answer questions about testing and optimization in Braze! Be sure to check out the full guide HERE!  If anyone has any questions that come in after the hour, we'll have Guenda and Dylan...

Welcome to the Test and Learn AMA!

Hi all! Thanks so much @Guendalina and @dylancarpe for hosting us today. Let's get started with the first question... @Guendalina Can you share more about the testing strategy at BlaBlaCar?