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Download the WhatsApp Inspiration Guide

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2 years ago

Curious about the kinds of campaigns you might run if you added WhatsApp to your teams’ marketing mix? Download the Braze WhatsApp Inspiration Guide for 10+ customizable campaigns!

In it, you’ll find campaigns that can help you activate your customers, drive revenue, or increase retention. Plus, you’ll get advice on growing your WhatsApp list and how you can do that with the Braze channels you’re already using. 

Here are three common problems WhatsApp can help you solve: 

  1. Customer attrition is eating away at your user base, and generic marketing is not bringing them back.
  2. Competition is fierce, so you need a better way to motivate your customers to stick with you.
  3. You need organic or more cost-effective ways to grow your base of loyal, engaged customers
Published 2 years ago
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