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All MaggieBrennan's Badges

MaggieBrennan has earned 10 badges!
  • Employee
    Earned by 315
    I work for Team Braze!
  • Welcome
    Earned by 3,114
    Welcome to Braze Bonfire!
  • Your 1st Kudos
    Your 1st Kudos
    Earned by 284
    Thanks for adding value to the community! Your content is starting to resonate with other members of Braze Bonfire.
  • Your 5th Kudos
    Your 5th Kudos
    Earned by 78
    You've accumulated five Kudos! Keep up the good work.
  • Your 15th Kudos
    Your 15th Kudos
    Earned by 22
    Your content has been liked 15 more times!
  • Your 50th Kudos
    Your 50th Kudos
    Earned by 4
    You've received 50 Kudos. Incredible work!
  • Your 100th Kudos
    Your 100th Kudos
    Earned by 3
    Your content has been liked 100 or more times!
  • Your 1st Article
    Your 1st Article
    Earned by 18
    Congrats on posting your first article in Braze Bonfire!
  • Your 1st Accepted Solution
    Your 1st Accepted Solution
    Earned by 40
    A solution you provided in a forum thread has been accepted! Thanks for adding value to the community.
  • Your 5th Accepted Solution
    Your 5th Accepted Solution
    Earned by 9
    You've had 5 solutions accepted in Braze Bonfire.