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I miss the Braze slack community

Practitioner II

I'm really sad the Braze Slack community was disbanded. Getting ideas or help in Bonfire is very difficult, it seems like the audience is less engaged or the entire Slack community didn't move over. 


Community Manager
Hi all! A quick update on this discussion.
  • We've moved the post from The Connection Lounge to The Forum.
  • We hear your feedback, and we are appreciative of it. We don't currently have any plans to move back to Slack for our community platform, but we'd love to learn more about how to make this platform a better experience for everyone.
  • This thread is now closed to replies. We appreciate your candor and encourage you to send additional feedback about improving the Bonfire experience to one of the Bonfire Community Managers: @eakinsey , @MaggieBrennan, or @EmilyCalderon  via private message, or send an email to

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Community Manager

Hey @isabellelabadie! Thanks for this feedback. We are on a mission to make this a helpful place where you can get access to resources that help you use Braze better and help you grow in your customer engagement career. @eakinsey and I would love to hop on a call with you to hear more feedback from you and brainstorm ways we can improve the community to make it more engaging and helpful. I will private message you to set up some time! 

Active Member II

Email Geeks slack channel has over 700 Braze specialists fyi.

Can you invite me to that channel?

@isabellelabadie would still love to chat and see if there's any specific feedback you have for us as we work to improve this space. Please let us know!