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How to update a custom attribute via Zapier

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Hello all,

Looking for a way to update a custom attribute using Zapier. I'm trying to connect a tool (Referal Rock) that has a native integration to Zapier. I want to trigger a change on a custom attribute when a change happens on Referal Rock. Has anyone got any experience with updating custom attributes using Zapier?



Community Manager

Hello there!

Great to see your interest in integrating Braze with Zapier for enhancing your workflow with Referral Rock! Updating a custom attribute in Braze through Zapier is definitely feasible and can be a powerful way to automate and streamline your interaction data. I'm by no means a Zapier expert though I love a good Zap 😄  After doing a little digging this is what I found - hopefully it works for you!

To get started, you’ll need to set up a Zap which triggers based on the specific event in Referral Rock that you are monitoring. Here's a general step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Start your Zap: Choose Referral Rock as your trigger app in Zapier and specify the event that should start the automation.

  2. Set up the trigger: Follow the prompts to connect your Referral Rock account and set up the details of the trigger event.

  3. Choose Braze as the Action App: Once your trigger is set, search for Braze in the action step and select it.

  4. Connect your Braze account to Zapier: You’ll need your Braze REST API key, which is used to authenticate and connect Zapier with your Braze account. Make sure this API key has permissions set to modify user data.

  5. Set up Braze action: In this part, you'll specify the action to "Update User Profile" or similar. Here you will map the field from Referral Rock that you wish to sync with the Braze custom attribute.

  6. Test your Zap: Before turning it fully on, make sure to test the Zap to ensure that the communication between Referral Rock, Zapier, and Braze works as expected — checking that the custom attribute in Braze updates correctly upon your trigger event.

  7. Activate your Zap: Once testing is complete and everything's working, turn on your Zap.

Would love to know if that works for you!

Hi thanks for the info. Do you have any documentation from Braze for how to update custom attributes using a webhook in Zapier? I couldn't find anything that showed how to do this.

This is the only Zapier documentation that I know about.